Here at White-Peterman Roofing we have a broad selection of services and installation applications. 

Ranging from leaf removal from gutters to new roof installations.  The following are a few examples of the many services and installations we offer. 

  • We Install our tile roofs to Miami Dade requirements and specifications. 
  • Free Roof Estimates
  • Leak repairs on Tile Roofs, Metal Roofs, Shingle Roofs, Flat Roofs, and Built-up Roofs.
  • Installation of complete roofing systems on Tile, Metal, Shingles, Flat, and Built-up Roofs. 
  • Gutter Cleaning and leaf removal.
  • Installations of decking insulations such as FiberBoard and Iso Insulation.
  • Installation of tapered deck roofing systems.
  • Installation of roof coatings, protectors, and Eco Sealers.
  • Installation of flashings and counter flashings for chimneys. 
  • Roof Inspections.

As an added benefit to the customer and our company we offer the following.

  • A Drug Free Workplace. 
  • Safety protection and practices on site.
  • Our crew attends training courses that ensure professionalism on every roof installation and repair.
  • A seamless experience throughout, we handle all permits, paperwork, and inspections needed.
  • An English and Spanish speaking crew, because communication is very important. 
  • Roof documentation with pictures and proof of installations for thorough records and homeowners insurance negotiations.


The image above is a great example of a roof that would benefit from a roof coating.  You can see a large amount of granule loss as well as laps that have started to separate due to the expansions and contraction of the roofing material over time.  Granules act as a deflector of UV rays and keep the asphalt based product from soaking in more heat. 

The image above is the same roof pictured directly above it.  As you can see the coating really makes a dramatic difference in appearance as well as in it intended use This High Performance UL Class A rated product resists cracking, peeling, and mildew, while offering tremendous durability and long term life.  It expands and contracts with roof movement to resist damage.  It provides an excellent, highly protective barrier which reflects the sun's heat and destructive UV rays.  In turn, this helps to cool surfaces and leads to a reduction of interior temperatures and cooling costs.  This product is often looked at as in investment and in our region can actually pay for itself in saving on cooling costs.